How I Feel About Quarantine

By: Nathaniel Schwartz

I hope everyone is healthy in quarantine. This article is about online learning and how online learning is good and bad!  I like online school, but I also dislike online school. In some ways, online school is amazing. For instance, we are still able to learn while this global pandemic is in place; however,   I also don’t like it because I don’t get to actually see and talk to my teachers and friends. Yes, we get to see them on the screen and hear them but it’s not the same. In online school, all you do is get instructions from a teacher, then they might show you something, then you log off and go to your next class. There is no fun. No joking around either. All you get is instructions, then your homework (I call it “after-school work” because everything is homework now). Then, after this is all over I would need to switch back.  I dislike how I can only see one person on the screen at a time because if we are having a three way conversation on google meet. It is very annoying to watch. Yeah, sure it’s good we still learn and still get to hear our teachers talk, but it is very different.

On the other hand, I am happy we get to do online learning. I know someone whose school closed, and they just got a pdf packet to work on. We actually get to learn new stuff and continue learning even though coronavirus closed our school. Also, it is good because we get to stay home and have more social time with our families. Online learning shortens the school day,  and this I don’t like because I needed to change my whole schedule to fit in with the new school schedule. Then, after this is all over I would need to switch back. It also gives people more time to learn new skills and focus on their hobbies. I used to never play piano and now because I have more time at my house, I am able to actually learn it. I also like how we still have our classes and we still have gym, art, music, and those kinds of classes. They keep your heart rate up, and they let you have some fun. I enjoy seeing my friends and teachers even though we are going through this hard time with coronavirus. I personally like and dislike online learning!

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