Leyah Rhabb’s Feelings on Remote Learning

By: Leyah Rhabb

Before school was closed and everyone was discussing that we might have online learning, I was super excited to experience remote learning and classes. Now, I am getting used to it and not going to lie, I kind of miss school. I miss seeing my friends and seeing everyone in person. This coronavirus is not only ruining people’s health but it is also canceling all the fun. Now, my boring daily routine is to wake up, eat breakfast, do school, do homework, and then basically be on technology for the rest of the day. Us children, and really people in general, aren’t made to sit at home all day doing nothing. We’re made to converse and meet other peers. How are we supposed to do that while being home? This virus is really taking over, and I just wish it never happened. There is no good thing about this. There should be a good side and a bad side to everything, but not this virus. School today was fun, I guess, but it just feels like every other day of remote learning. I was super excited on the first day because it was a new experience. Now, I’m over it and just wish things would go back to normal. The thing is, I’m just not the type of person who likes to sit at home, I like to go out and explore new things. Other than all of this, I should be grateful since things could be way worse for me, and I am glad that they are not. I know that one day things will get better and go back to even more enjoyable than how it is normally. I just have to keep trust in this world and know that things will get better. 

Comment from a couple of days later: I have been reflecting on when I said that there is no good side to this virus. At the time when I wrote that, it was not the best, positive Leyah speaking. At that time, I was really devastated about remote learning, and I was blind to  the positive side of it. Now, rethinking it, I guess in this era, one can get closer to their loved ones. In this tragedy, many are talking more and more to special older or younger ones in their life that they care about. They are also increasing their appreciation and gratitude for them. That is the positive side of this unfortunate catastrophe. 

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