Quarantine Chronicles on March 29th

By: Lauren Mitchell

This weekend was very interesting. On Friday, I finished my homework super early so I could have some free time. I worked really hard on my nursing home letter, and I wish I could have had a physical conversation with whomever my letter will reach. I just want to give them some encouragement because in a time like this everyone needs some.

On Saturday, I played a card game with my parents called Phase 10. Unfortunately, my dad won twice, but to be fair, I have racked up two wins in the scorebook ✌We had turkey burgers and fries that day instead of Thursday because we ended up going to get takeout 🙂 After lunch, we went to Costco (the best grocery store on earth 😂), and my mom blessed me with some Jamaican chicken patties and a whole case of Snapple. WOOO! That is all you need to make me happy 🤣. Ummm…my family (literally the most competitive gamers on the planet) tried to play Mafia over a video call. Now, you can only imagine how much of a mess that was. Everyone would not stop talking and when we finally reached a verdict for who was in the Mafia, the 40-minute time limit was up 😂. So we went through 3 different calls until we finally finished the game and the townspeople (me) did not even win smh 😑. Although that caused an immense amount of unneeded stress, it was indeed a fun and memorable experience. 

Sunday (today) was the best part of my weekend. My parents and I had a really deep conversation about life and our religion and my mom cleared up some things that I was really curious and concerned about, which was a relief. We talked about making commitments – to exercise, pray, read our Bible, call our family members – instead of wasting time watching Netflix and spending our lives doing the more trivial things. That discussion was really important to me because prior to this online learning experience, I would excuse my negligence to complete necessary tasks by saying, “I don’t have time for this.” However, now that I am at home 24/7, I HAVE TIME! I just need to shift my mindset, which I learned does not happen overnight 🙂 I have so much that I want to do with my life, but in order to maintain that motivation to do so, I must take control over my life, because I am ultimately the only person who can make ME do it! So, I am going to make a COMMITMENT to not watch Netflix during every moment of my spare time and instead, do something more productive. My mom also pointed out a really interesting thing. At this time of crisis, no one is killing, shooting, or hurting each other. Everyone is inside their own homes, including those who commit cruel acts. That was really intriguing to me because I began to realize that this truly is a global pandemic. This disease is not only occurring in Far Rockaway, New York, the East Coast, or even just America as a whole. It is spreading across the entire world. It is extremely difficult to comprehend how massive this earth truly is and how puny we are compared to the rest of it.

We are one in 7.8 BILLION. Some may perceive that as “My life is pointless” or “I don’t really matter,” but you are one person in an entire grouping of humans with a purpose being to make a difference in those other 7.8 billion lives. That is a HUGE opportunity. The impact that you are able to have on another person is completely at your own volition. You can take advantage of it or you can dismiss it, but you will have 7.8 billion chances to be kind and loving and inspiring. Moreover, we must always see the bigger picture in all that we do. Expand your knowledge. Escape your own headspace. Seek the rest of the world. You are not alone – at all 🙂 There are so many people on this earth that are probably going through the same struggles as we are, having the same thoughts, eating the same food 🤣 . It is not JUST you. So interact, find a penpal, learn about another culture. Open your mind up to new possibilities! I hope to see everyone very soon and I miss you all dearly. With 💖, Lauren 😘                 

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