What to do in Quarantine?

By: Asha Gajraj

Feeling bored out of your mind? Well, take this time to do things you never had time to accomplish! Maybe you wanted to binge watch on that series or watch that movie. If you do not know where to start, here is a list of great shows, movies, and games that everyone is doing:

  1. The Proud Family- a hilarious animated show about Penny Proud and her struggles as a teen.
  2. New Girl- a funny sitcom about a group of friends who form a dysfunctional family
  3. After- a romantic movie 
  4. Airplane Mode- a comedy movie about a social media influencer being exiled to a farm
  5. Break In- a story in the Roblox platform 
  6. Mario Kart- a racing video game featuring all the Mario characters
  7. Tik Tok- an addicting app that allows you to record a short video of yourself
  8. Game of Thrones- rewatch some old episodes of this fantasy/drama show
  9. Trivia Shows- some shows are Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune
  10. Onward- a new whimsical movie available on Disney +
  11. Online Concerts- tune in on social media and hear great music provided by famous artists
  12. America’s Got Talent- see some very talented people do remarkable things on YouTube or on live T.V
  13. Gossip Girl- a T.V show about a group of graduates being plagued by a mysterious person who spreads scandals like wildfire 

There are so many more shows and movies that you can watch! If you have more suggestions or shows, share them with the LWA community and friends! We all need some sort of entertainment and amusement. So grab your popcorn and settle in for some fun!

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