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Leyah Rhabb’s Feelings on Remote Learning

Before school was closed and everyone was discussing that we might have online learning, I was super excited to experience remote learning and classes. Now, I am getting used to it and not going to lie, I kinda miss school.

What to do in Quarantine?

Feeling bored out of your mind? Well, take this time to do things you never had time to accomplish! Maybe you wanted to binge watch on that series or watch that movie.

My Thoughts About Coronavirus

By: Haojun Duan Now the U.S. has 188,918 cases confirmed, and 3847 people died from Coronavirus-19 as of April 1st. I want to talk about

How I Feel About Quarantine

This article is about online learning and how online learning is good and bad! I like online school, but I also dislike online school.

Is Quarantine Really That Bad?

School will most likely not be open until May, and now we enigmatic and energetic kids are forced to stay at home. However, is there a bright side to this bleak situation? Can quarantine be beneficial for us?

Doing Nothing; Everyone’s Answer to Quarantine

We sit at the computer and watch our teachers, maybe we ask a few questions here and there, but nothing really cheers us up. Fortunately, unbeknownst to some of us, there is an entire world beyond the screen.

Online School

Overall, online school offers students a different option. You can still learn the same things online. Like everything else, this format takes time to get used to.

Quarantine Chronicles on March 29th

We are one in 7.8 BILLION. Some may perceive that as “My life is pointless” or “I don’t really matter,” but you are one person in an entire grouping of humans with a purpose being to make a difference in those other 7.8 billion lives.

Welcome to The Talking Tiger

I have been trying to accomplish my ambition of producing a newspaper, and that has come to life with the help from all of you.